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kinkybootbeast's Journal

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24 December
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"the force", alia, apple jacks, areosmith, art, babies, barefeet, barnes and nobles, baths, beastie boys, beattles, beck, bell bottoms, ben, bipolar, birth, blue sky, books, brownies, bubble baths, butterflies, camping, candles, candycanes, cats, chamomile tea, cheescake, cheese, coffee, collages, communication, computers, crafts, crimped hair, crimping my hair, cuddling, daisys, dance, dancing in the rain, dancing in the shower, dreaming, dreams, eating, erin, fall, felatio, fiona apple, fluffy socks, frames, freedom, fried baloni sandwiches, george harrison, girls, good feelings, good stuff, good thoughts, green grass, green tea, guitars, guys, hair, happiness, heather, honesty, hot pockets, hot tubs, hugs, imagine, india, indian food, infant massage, jean auel, jewel, john lennon, journals, kama sutra, kids, kisses, laughing, launguage, lavender, led zepplin, life, light switch plates, long skirts, lotion, love, magic, making hemp neckalaces, making some money, mangos, massage oil, massage school, massage therapy, massages, moss, music, mystery, nag champa, nature, nice people, painting, paintings, peace, peach deodorant, people, photographs, pink floyd, pink lemonade, pretty pens, rain, reading, recycled paper, recycling, relaxation, rings, sex, showers, singing, singing in the bath, singing in the car, singing in the shower, sleeing, sleep, smoothies, sparkles, spring, stars, sublime, summer, swimming pools, talking, talking heads, tea, the carpenters, traveling, trees, vacations, vermont, vintage shopping, vintage stores, water, winter, writing, yellow submarine, yoga

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